Personal Services

Personal Makeup Shopping and Guided Makeup Lessons

Onorina's love for the beauty world extends to every person who values the power of makeup in one's beauty routine. Her core passion is giving the gift of beauty to her clients so that they can carry it forward and use it to enrich their daily lives. By helping clients re-evaluate and re-vamp their beauty product collection, she encourages positive change and a new beginning in one's beauty journey. Her approach is simple and efficient - she offers a personalized Paris makeup shopping spree, followed by an intensive one-on-one makeup lesson which is customized for each individual's needs and desired outcome. You will gain a fresh perspective on the cosmetic world, learn more about yourself and your features, and hold the key to achieving the best look for yourself using the most effective products on the market for YOU. The confidence you will gain throughout this process is Onorina's gift to you and all the women out there who will join her to re-discover their beauty. Watch the video below to see more about the unique and personalized beauty experience she can create for you!

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Videographer: Tuan Nguyen | | Featuring: Onorina Jomir Beauty