Frequently Asked Questions

Paris Make Up Artist, Onorina Jomir, offers a professional booking procedure for brides, models and editors. Discover how to book her hair styling and beauty services on this page.

 Tim Tab Studios

Tim Tab Studios

How do I book your services?

Please use the "Contact" page and fill out the form to send Onorina a message so you can get started with the paris make up and hair styling booking process. Once Onorina has confirmed her availability for your event, she will ask you to send her a retainer payment to officially book your beauty appointment with her. 

Do you work on location?

Onorina currently works on-location only, and travels wherever she is needed.

How do I choose a makeup and hair look?

It is best to consider the formality of your event, as well as your comfort level with your makeup and hair. For example, if you generally don't wear much makeup, it is a good idea to try out a natural look and build it up as needed. Some great sources of inspiration where you can search for a variety of looks is Pinterest. Just remember to try and find a few different options. As a paris make up artist, Onorina will provide you expert advice on picking the best option for you.

How long will my makeup and hair last?

Your makeup and hair will be designed to have longevity (approximately 6-8 hours), but the timing will vary depending on your event. If you will be outdoors, your hair style may or may not become altered due to factors such as rain and wind, which Onorina has no control over. Also, if your hair does not tend to hold curl and you opt for loose waves, Onorina cannot guarantee that it will stay as curly as you desire throughout your event. Your makeup consists of water-proof products and should last, though it may require a lipstick and powder touch-up at some point. Again, this depends on various factors, including but not limited to, crying, eating/drinking, sweating, etc. Onorina provides all her brides with a complementary lipstick touch-up kit, and she has them for purchase for all of her clients. 

Do you stand-by for touch-ups?

Onorina can stay around for touch-ups for an additional hourly charge, beginning at the end time of the last scheduled beauty service provided. 


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